The Science & Soul of Building Resilience

This free 4-part video series integrates science-backed strategies from psychology and complementary and alternative medicine that cultivate key pillars of resilience including:

  • Body awareness to help us center ourselves and live in a present-focused & embodied way even in the midst of stress
  • Decreasing our stress response so we can access intuition & connect to our needs
  • Values clarification to guide decisions about prioritizing our time, attention, & energy
  • Self-compassion to soften our harsh inner critics & facilitate growth following mistakes

These tools are intended to:

  • be customizable and integrated into a busy lifestyle
  • help you feel more confident in your ability to cope with and recover from life stress
  • target common challenges like anxiety, self-doubt, self-judgment, and confusion about direction, meaning, or purpose

I'm so excited to share these powerful tools with you and hope you join me for this series!

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